Verification and calibration of pressure measuring devices

Verification and calibration of pressure measuring devices will ensure accuracy and reliability. Use of reliable devices is essential to ensure quality and safety. Our services include technical and exemplary manome

Verification and calibration of Temperature Measuring Devices

Temperature measurements are common in our daily lives. The only way to be sure of the accuracy of your measurements is to use calibrated measuring instruments. Our laboratory offers calibration and verification ser

Verification and calibration of electrical measuring devices

Our metrology laboratory performs calibration and verification of various electrical measuring devices that operate on a direct and alternating current. Both of analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, v

Verification and calibration of mass measuring instruments

Comparative inspection and calibration of mass measurements of LLC "Optimum Metrology Sevices" is carried out. Our laboratory's accreditation area includes the following measurements:
Mechanical and automati

Verification and calibration of physical and chemical measuring instruments

Optimum Metrology Services LLC checks and calibrates physical-chemical measurements. Our labs are equipped with devices that determine the temperature of open and closed bush, viscosimeters, isometers and density me

Verification and calibration of mechanical and geometric measuring instruments

The mechanical and geometric measurements must be checked and calibrated to ensure accuracy.
Our laboratory ensures that different types of mechanical and geometric measurement and calibration are performed. Our

Verification and calibration of biomedical measuring instruments

"Optimum Metrology Services" LLC offers the inspection of various devices and equipments used in medical field. It is possible to check for artificial respiratory apparatus, infusion pumps, tonometers, perfumers, in

Verification and calibration of volume measuring Instruments

It is possible to check and calibrate a range of measuring instruments in our laboratory. Dosing and glass pipettes, mufflers and microburetics, titers, dispensers, dimensions, cylinders, varnishes, glasses, metal m