Verification and calibration of Temperature Measuring Devices

Temperature measurements are common in our daily lives. The only way to be sure of the accuracy of your measurements is to use calibrated measuring instruments. Our laboratory offers calibration and verification services of infrared thermometers, electronic, bimetallic, manometric thermometers, liquid glass thermometers, thermocouples of different types, thermo-thermostats and thermocouples. checking and calibration services.
In the range of -45 ÷ 150 °C, 50 ÷ 650 °C
dry block temperature calibrators, and for testing of temperature measurement instruments
During calibration, dry-block temperature calibrators are used with the ability to reproduce temperature in the range of -45 ÷ 150 °C, 50 ÷ 650 °C, and for calibration of laser thermometers, infrared calibrators manufactured by Fluke are used in the range of -30 ÷ 500 °C